Merry & Mindful

Felicia La Tour

MindfulFee rang in the holiday season with an event for the whole family, Merry & Mindful. From the Mamas to the babies, there was love and joy for everyone to tap into. 


MindfulFee x Maker's Mark

Felicia La Tour
MindfulFee curated an event sponsored by Maker’s Mark & Fashion Mama’s for a day of mindfulness and play!

Fashion Mama's Spring Market

Felicia La Tour
MindfulFee joined a variety of other small business owners at Fashion Mamas Spring Market, a pop up community event at the Americana put on by Founder of F.M., Natalie Alcala.

A Homage to Mamas: Mother's Day 2022

Felicia La Tour
For Mother's Day 2022, MindfulFee pays homage to the women that also hold it down by introducing a few new titles to the roster with the intention of inclusivity.

Hot Mama Summer

Felicia La Tour
MindfulFee attends Hot Mama Summer, an annual pop-up curated by Fashion Mamas.

BLM Kids March

Felicia La Tour
Through a dark period of constant police brutality and racial injustices, MindfulFee came together in community for an in-person march for children to voice their rights on equality and feel pride in their blackness.