Merry & Mindful

Felicia La Tour
🗓 December 2022
2022 was all about building. This year, we partnered with brands for pop-ups, collaborations, and partnerships and are proud to finally say we brought our very own event, Merry & Mindful, to fruition! We kicked off December with a shopping experience for the whole family. Through our intentionally-curated women and POC-owned brands, we kept the dollar circulating in our community for the holidays and you know we love to see it! Being a Mama and CEO, the goal was to cater to all the Mamas because it does get hard to find a sitter at times and that leads to missing out on events and the fulfilling energy that comes with it–not today! Merry & Mindful was the place to bring the kids to enjoy Christmas ornament-decorating, dancing, playing in the jump house and building new friendships, while the Mamas shopped & sipped! It's safe to say no one left empty-handed; we came bearing gifts sponsored by Cantu Beauty and Mattel with Barbie so each child went home with a bag of goodies in holiday spirit and attendees left with their hearts full. Click the link for holiday happiness from Merry & Mindful, captured by Yasmína Antontio (@yasmeanuh).