BlackGirlBravado Podcast Live

Felicia La Tour
🗓 August 2022

Sisterhood is sacred and that's a fact! MindfulFee had the privilege of being in community for a panel discussion with Germani and Brittany, Hosts of the BlackGirlBravado Podcast, as well as Les, Host of the Balanced Black Girl podcast, to talk about platonic relationships. We dove into topics such as navigating tough situations with friends and mourning homegirl break-ups. Attendees joined the conversation, enjoyed some drinks and danced the night away with their girls!

Felicia on stage with Les, Germani and Brittany for the BlackGirlBravado Podcast
Felicia standing in front of cute pink arrangement with Germani and Brittany of the BlackGirlBravado Podcast
MindfulFee shirts and crewnecks laid out on table