MindfulFee x Maker's Mark

Felicia La Tour
🗓 May 2022

MindfulFee curated an event sponsored by Maker’s Mark & Fashion Mama’s for a day of mindfulness and play! We started off with a guided meditation followed by a visualization exercise that we took to our dream journals. Our Mindful Memos sparked a healthy, progressive, and open conversation that was good for the soul. For the 2nd portion of the event, the ladies enjoyed a Bourbon tasting led by our partners, Maker’s Mark. We closed the event with custom cocktails and new friendships!

Felicia holding a deck of Mindful Memos speakingFee listening to someone speaking 3 women writing in their MindfulFee Dream JournalFee talking to the crowd at MindfulFee x Maker's Mark event The girls learning about how to properly engage in rum tasting from a Maker's Mark representativeMaker's Mark bottles next to a sign with custom MindfulFee cocktailsLadies at the event doing a cheers with Fee2 ladies at the MindfulFee x Makers' Mark event laughing while talkingFelicia with 2 women holding up their drinks and smiling