Brass Tower - Vibe Box

  • $50.00

What's a Vibe Box ?


A vibe box is a collective of spiritual recharge components used to bring in good feels. Assists in keeping us centered and present through the aromatherapy and spiritual practices. You'll start and end the day with a peaceful atmosphere when you experience our Boxes . Small, beautiful, and easy to place anywhere in your space.



What's in The Box


  • 2 Pack of Incense
  • 1 Palo Santo sticks

How to use our Boxes


The best way we like to use our vibe boxes are typically when setting the mood for the day, mid- day, or night time wind down.

When ever you need a vibe reset, this is the perfect tool to reach for.


SAFETY WARNING: Please keep out of reach of paper - animals - children.

Always be in the same room as the vibe box is burning to avoid fire.


+ Light your incense at the tip and let It burn just a bit before placing your incense in the burner. Once the cone is burning, blow out the fire and place in your box .


+ Palo Santo is used to welcome good energy! Light the end and allow It to burn a bit.

blow out the fire and circle the smoke around your space for good vibes and a fresh aroma.


Please use the box responsibly and refill kits are always available for purchase at



Scan QR code in images to access our personal curated vibe playlist !