MindfulFee X Noelle

Now usually I don't do this but uhhhhhh ....

We did plain sweatsuits and I must admit, I LOVE them !

 Available 5/13 - 10am PST 


Somebody's Mama & Somebody's Daddy Sweatsuits ! 

Colors : Black & Gray 

100% Cotton 

Drawstring pants 

Zip up sweater 

Runs true to size 

Sold as a set 

Unisex Fit 

Made in LA, Mindfully 

No exchanges or returns - Please read FAQ page for questions 




The Back story :


When my homegirl Noelle asked me for solid color sweatsuits, I was on the fence about It. Our brand is so colorful and tye dyed to the max, I wanted to add color , somewhere!


So after dodging her request lol, she finally gave me a reason, to pull the trigger on this idea .


" Fee , Skylar is going to have heart surgery and I need something cute and cozy as we stay in the hospital "


Now, one thing about me, I always need to feel connected to anything I create. That explanation was more than enough for me to support my friend. Her need to feel cozy, turned into our collab

Baby Skylar was diagnosed with an ASD in her heart as well as a pituitary gland deficiency. She will receive surgery May 2021 . This collab is a way for us to show our support to Noe & family in a time that seems scary. Homegirls make life easier, supportive mama friends make parenting easier.

Thank you for supporting such a beautiful cause !

Enjoy your set

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