Hot Mama Summer

What do you get when 3 entrepreneurial mamas with a love for community come together on a sunny Saturday afternoon? A Hot Mama Summer, of course!

This past weekend was a dream. Here at MindfulFee we’ve always wanted to offer an in- person shopping experience and the stars aligned when two of our favorite mamas, Poppy & Natalie, agreed to combine our mama magic at the Fashion Mamas Clubhouse! Saturday was filled with our tie- dye pieces including two new exclusive color ways, beautiful floral arrangements by Poppy & hot new tanks from Fashion Mamas. With over 50 mamas in attendance, we shared, shopped, got creative and encouraged the babies to play together.

We are so grateful to everyone who spent their Saturday with us— Huge thank you to Natalie for opening her doors to us at Fashion Mamas clubhouse and our homegirl Poppy for always riding the tide! We can’t wait to see everyone in their new MindfulFee pieces!